About Us

Our Charitable Status:

Our charity is non-political and non-profit making Indian registered charity. The charity began in 1986 and was registered in the year 2000 under the name of Qasmi Educational & Charitable Trust (Registration No. IV-1041/05). Our work is governed by our constitution (Trust Deed). Some of our aims and objectives are as below.

Our Statement:

We strongly condemn any form of violence against anyone. Islam condemns all forms of violence or terrorism. All creatures and mankind are one great family of God. Islam teaches that all humans are one great family of God, regardless of different religious beliefs, nationality or race. They should love and protect each other. They should not hate, persecute, torture and kill each other. All religions teach that human life is sacred. God is Kind and Merciful and commands that we should also be kind and merciful to His creatures. Anyone that claims to be a believer and worshiper of God, can not be a true believer until he shows kindness to his fellow human beings and His creatures. All seekers of God will surely find Him close to the suffering hearts of the destitute.

All human beings, according to Islam, have been created by one and the same God, and for this reason they belong to one great brotherhood. All being descendants of the same progenitor, Adam and Eve, they should naturally be each other’s well-wishers. They must willingly come to one another’s assistance, like members of the same large family. Islam has, therefore, laid the greatest of emphasis on the support of destitute and disabled members of society. It is a sacred duty of the wealthy to give part of their possessions to fulfill the needs of the deprived sections of the community. Our work is to fulfill the physical and spiritual needs of this section of the community. May Allah accept our noble efforts, Ameen.

Name and address of our main organisation:
Qasmi Educational & Charitable Trust,
P. O. Balasath,
District Sitamarhi,
Bihar,India - 843326

Name and addresses of branches of our organisation:
Jamia Islamia Qasmia Darul Uloom Balasath,
P. O. Balasath,
District Sitamarhi,
Bihar,India - 843326

Moulana Abdul Hannan Public School,
P. O. Balasath,
District Sitamarhi,
Bihar,India - 843326

Main Telephone contacts:
Mobile: 0091 9835611244

Mohtamim: Moulana Hifzur Rahman
Mobile: 0091 0091 9934988364

Moulana Muhammad Murtaza
Mobile:  0091 9430679016

Introduction & Aims and Objectives:
Qasmi Educational & Charitable Trust, is a boys & girls educational institute and a social & welfare organisation. The organisation was established in the year 1980. Alhamdu-Lillah, the organisation has progressed since then and continues to do so due to your well wishes and donations.

Academic Programme  

Islamic and Secular Education

  • Primary Education - We provide primary education to children of age group of 5 plus - from Primary to High Secondary School parallel to Islamic Education.
  • Tahfeez-ul-Quran - In this department students complete the memorization of the holy Quran in accordance with the basic principles of Tajweed.
  • Aalim Course - The aim of this course is to help the students to develop an all-round knowledge and understanding of the main principles of Hadith, Tafseer and Fiqah. The duration of this course is normally nine years.
  • Qari Course - This course is normally 2 years

Jamia Islamia Qasmia Balasath
Total Rooms 70 of various sizes.
These rooms are multi purpose. As accommodation is limited due our limited recourses, pupils use the same rooms as hostel as well as class rooms.

Moulana Abdul Hannan Public School
Total Rooms 40 of various sizes.
These rooms are multi purpose.

The Yearly running cost of the whole institution (excluding construction costs):

  • Approximately 70 lakh (Appx.£100,000 GBP)

Yearly cost of educating and maintaining each child:

  • Appx. Rs.12,000 per year (£180 GBP)

Source of Funding:
Muslim well-wishers within India and abroad.

Humble Appeal to well-wishers around the world:
It is our humble and earnest appeal to all Muslims around the world to sponsor the poor children and orphans at our Jamiah. The total period taken for their studies as Aalim is 9 years. The total expense to sponsor one boy for a year is only appx. Rs.12,000 per year (£180 GBP) and for the duration of 9 years studies is only Rs.108,000 (£1,650 GBP).

Our Bank Account Details:
State Bank of India,
Chauhatta Branch,
Patna, India
Branch Code: 3113
Bank Account No.: 30307186711
Bank Account Name: Qasmi Educational & Charitable Trust
Punjab National Bank,
Mohani (Mahuagachhi) Branch,
Sitamarhi, India
Branch Code: 177900
Bank Account No.: 1931
Bank Account Name: Jamia Islamia Qasmia Balasath